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And welcome to Our One Big Adventure website

This site is dedicated to our travels and adventures so far and updated as we find new ones, whatever they may be.

In 2005 we travelled the USA coast to coast visiting backwater America and met some fantastic people. That just made us want sooooo much more. So in 2006 we decided to try something new, quit work and went back to travel again, finishing up in Wales during 2007.

We are back in the UK, working very hard, but still enjoying life.

So what's been happening during the first decade of 2000, what's on the cards for next one? we wish we knew, but regardless we will try to have fun and raise a glass or two of fizzy stuff along the way.

For all our friends and family, enjoy the site, see all the updated pictures as they are added. 2017 WHOOSH, Don't even remember what happened, 2018, try being a little more gentle.

Read all about what is happening in our latest Current Diary/ Blog.


"waitin for my real life to begin"

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Current Diary

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